About Us

The community dedicated to empower, connect and advance women working or aspiring to work in the tech industry

Our mission is to enable women to acquire and develop the digital and leadership skills of tomorrow. Through the power of community, you will build and expand your network, learn from industry experts and access cutting-edge technology training.

Wagora strives to bridge the gender gap through partnership with like-minded organisations. We work with our partners to reshape and kickstart career-changing initiatives, programmes and processes which embrace a culture of diversity and inclusion.

We envision a world where women and underrepresented genders of all backgrounds, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, religion, disability and age, have a fair chance to succeed in technology.

Our Story

We are a community built by the community. Wagora comes from “Agora” which in ancient Greek means gathering place, and “W” from women.

Back in 2017, out of the frustration of a lack of an action-driven approach to level the playing field for women in tech, as well as not having a place to connect and learn from like-minded professionals, TechWomen London, an events community, was born. Fast forward 3 years, and TechWomen expanded to Manchester, Dublin, Barcelona and New York.

Over these 3 years, we organised +40 events and built a community of ~5000 women and allies. Our events have changed and improved people’s professional lives and careers, and we do not want to stop here. Wagora is born to take it to the next level, and this is just the start!

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Current State

20 %

Women working in tech

5 %

Hold leadership positions

2.8% %

Female founded start-ups
are VC backed

Over the last 10 years the number of women working in the tech sector and leadership positions has not increased, and looking ahead we are following the same trend. Many organisations are talking about how important it is to reduce the gender gap and level the playing field, but is meaningful action being taken?

On the other hand, the digital skills gap is widening, and some jobs will soon become obsolete. By 2022 emerging technologies will generate 133 million new jobs in place of the 75 million that will be displaced. Are we doing enough to enable the current and next generation of women to acquire and develop the digital and leaderships skills of tomorrow?

Wagora is committed to drive meaningful change and make an impact. Join us!

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