A day In The Life Of – A Platform Engineer, a Data Engineer and a Data Analyst




06:00 pm BST 01:00 pm EDT



New technologies are coming out every day and, with them, new career paths for those keen to work with innovation. But, what does it actually mean to work in tech? How can you enter the industry? And, what opportunities are available across all the different disciplines?

Join Jenn, Darren and Rox as they talk about their experience getting into the tech industry, what they do in their daily job at CTS and the impact their work has in the organisations they work with. It’ll be an opportunity to learn more about the world of cloud, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Machine Learning (ML).

Jenn Calland – Platform Engineer

As a Platform Engineer, Jenn designs and maintains virtual computerised systems on Google Cloud, much like DevOps for the cloud. Before joining CTS, Jenn had a career as a Business and Applications Analyst. After a long career break, she completed TechUpWomen’s training program and applied to her current role through TechReturners. Jenn will be talking about her journey, her experience and what she does at CTS.

Darren Wright – Senior Data Engineer

Darren currently works as a part of the GCP Data and Machine Learning team at CTS. He’ll be discussing what is Machine Learning, what a Data Engineer does and how both worlds collide in his role, followed by an ML App Demo. He’ll also be talking about how he got into tech, his career at CTS and some of his highlights throughout his time there.

Roxana Sandu – Senior Data Analyst

Rox is also a part of the GCP Data and Machine Learning team. With a love for all things data, she has found a great interest in new technologies such as Looker. She’ll be talking about her path to becoming a LookML Certified Developer, what this means and how that’s impacted her role and the work she does.