Ask Me How I Failed




06:00 pm BST 01:00 pm EDT



This event will be hosted on Zoom. Details will be shared with the registered attendees a few days before the event via email.

Many studies have shown that of the qualities of a leader, trust landed consistently in the top 3 more desirable traits. Cotishea and Tolu will share their journey to leadership roles and their tactics for best evolving empathy and building trust among their teams. Especially now, in a pandemic, empathy and understanding are vital to team cohesion and leading effectively. In every career journey there are mistakes and Cotishea and Tolu would like to share theirs; and show why sharing failures with team members builds trust and communication more than showing perfection. Covered in this talk will be the idea of imposter syndrome, covering, and authenticity.

Cotishea Anderson

Cotishea Anderson is a Senior Program Manager with the Commercial Software Engineering team (CSE) at Microsoft. Cotishea has over 22 years in the tech industry and is an active member of her community. Outside of business, Cotishea is passionate about helping young women understand the value of careers in STEM. She first met a computer scientist when she was in high school. She didn’t have any clue what a ‘computer scientist’ did, but she knew she wanted to do it. Unlocking opportunities for kids in her community that may not recognize STEM as an option for their career is a way for her to pay it forward.

Tolu Agunbiade

Tolu Agunbiade is a Senior Program Manager with the Commercial Software Engineering team (CSE) at Microsoft with a focus in the financial sector. Tolu believes the most rewarding part of his job is getting in front of customer problems- deeply understanding those issues and collaborating with their developer teams to come up with tailored solution. Though the role is largely within the digital transformation spectrum, no two days are the same; Tolu believes that being exposed to challenges and varies technologies reinforce his desire to always be learning. He is also a passionate amateur data scientist, regularly participating in Kaggle competitions and boasting ownership of more data science books than he could possibly read.