Building a Discord Bot and Hosting on App Engine




01:00 pm BST 08:00 am EDT



Discord is a popular online community platform. It offers an API for developers to build bots that interact with the conversations. Building a Discord Bot is a perfect project to learn to code and learn about the cloud, for it’s easy to get started and interesting to work on.

In this technical hands-on workshop, we are going to build a simple Discord Bot using Python, and host it on Google Cloud App Engine.

Note: The participants should register a free Google Cloud account (no billing account required) before the workshop. And the email they use to login the account needs to be shared with the organisers at the workshop for accessing services. 


The workshop will be delivered over Zoom

How to join

There’s no need to register via Wagora. This workshop is part of TECH(K)NOW DAY, the participants can sign up on Eventbrite

The session will also be streamed on Wagora’s Discord server, join us on Discord: 

Speaker Bio

Yoyu is a creative technology advisor at Infinite Whys. She’s a Google Developer Expert for Google Cloud. She has worked in a wide range of capacities throughout her career – product designer, game producer, product manager, startup CTO and technology consultant.