How I Got into Tech: Inspiring Career Stories




06:30 pm BST 01:30 pm EDT



The skills shortage in the tech industry combined with the rapid pace of innovation has led to a wide-range of appealing positions that attract interest from individuals from other fields. Is it possible to make the switch into tech with a non-technical background?

Hear the stories of Joani, Olga, Meryem and Eliza and get inspired! Each of their journeys is different, with surprising turns, but they all share the same destination: they all work in the tech industry today.

This session will be a panel discussion hosted by Isa Huerga, Senior Developer Advocate at AWS, and will be followed by a Q&A.

Whether you work in the tech industry or not, this could be the beginning of the next stage of your journey.

Joani Green – Senior Incident Response Consultant, Team Lead

Originally from Johannesburg South Africa, Joani now lives in London. She is a senior consultant and team lead for F-Secure’s UK incident response team and is skilled in offensive and defensive information security, digital forensics and corporate incident response.

Olga Lugai – Cloud Systems Developer

Olga is a Cloud Systems Developer at Cloudreach developing and delivering the cloud solutions on Microsoft Azure. Before making a career change and joining Cloudreach in 2019, Olga worked in a cultural sector in Ukraine and the UK for over four years. After months of self-studying data analysis and programming, she applied and was accepted to a Fast Track programme in Cloudreach. Olga successfully completed the intensive and got Azure and Google Cloud certified.

Meryem Fourdous – Cloud Systems Developer

Moroccan born and raised in Italy, she has been living in London since 2014.
Before moving to IT, she worked with the Buying and Merchandising Teams for some of the most popular retailers nationally and globally.
Meryem is currently working as a Cloud Systems Developer at Cloudreach, helping companies through their journey and transformation in the Cloud by automating the deployment and configuration of their infrastructures.

Eliza Bolton – Trainee Associate Security Consultant

Small town girl meets big city. Eliza is pretty new into the tech world, and city. She completed a successful internship within F-Secures Incident Response Practice, and was offered a role as Trainee Associate Security Consultant. Eliza is on a journey of showing that you don’t need a tech background to love cyber security, or to be part of an exceptional, diverse team.